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www.oneoceanportvell.com is a Internet domain owned by ONEOCEAN PORT VELL (ONEOCEAN PORT VELL SA UNIPERSONAL).

Register data: el Registro Mercantil de Barcelona T 44635 , F 7, S 8, H B 13468, I/A, with CIF/NIF A59733584 and located at C/ESCAR, 26 08039 BARCELONA (BARCELONA).

Contact information:

  • By phone, number 93 009 83 50
  • By e-mail, helpdesk@oneoceanportvell.com

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact with ONEOCEAN PORT VELL.
Terms and conditions
The present conditions govern the use of this website by the clients of ONEOCEAN PORT VELL and by any other users. By using this site, the user agrees be bound by these terms and conditions.

ONEOCEAN PORT VELL reserves the right at any time to modify these terms and conditions, as well as the website contents.
Limitation of liability
ONEOCEAN PORT VELL It rejects the responsibility of information not published under his name neither the badly use of the contents on the part of third parties.

The user frees ONEOCEAN PORT VELL of any liability derived from interruptions in the service of this website, for any possible cause including hardware failures, software or communications malfunctions, or any problem in the user’s browsing software or hardware.

In the case of links to another websites, ONEOCEAN PORT VELL declines any responsibility derived from the access or use of the mentioned links.
Intellectual and industrial property
Unless otherwise stated, intellectual property rights on the web and its contents correspond to ONEOCEAN PORT VELL. The user accepts that the use of website the contents is strictly limited to personal purposes of the own user and that the reproduction, distribution, communication or transformation not expressly authorized constitutes an infraction of the intellectual property rights.

The user will not use the contents or the information of any kind obtained in this website to send any kind of unsolicited advertisements. Likewise, the user will not sell or divulge such information.

www.oneoceanportvell.com is owned by ONEOCEAN PORT VELL. It may not be used without prior authorisation with services or products that do not belong to ONEOCEAN PORT VELL or in any way that brings confusion or discredit of ONEOCEAN PORT VELL.
>Policy to link to this website
If any user, entity or website wants to establish any kind of link destined to this website it will have to previously obtain prior written authorisation from ONEOCEAN PORT VELL.

In addition, it is only allowed link to the homepage of this website. The link must be absolute and complete, that is, must carry the user to the url of ONEOCEAN PORT VELL in the whole extension of the browser window. It is forbidden without prior and written authorisation to reproduce any part of ONEOCEAN PORT VELL, or include it within another website or within any its frames.

There will not be included any false, inaccurate or incorrect manifestations about this website or the services offered in this website.

The link will not contain any brand, label, emblem, commercial name, trademark, slogan or any other d distinguishing signs belonging to ONEOCEAN PORT VELL

ONEOCEAN PORT VELL will not be held responsible under any circumstances for the contents or services included in the linking website, neither for any information or statement included there.
Personal data protection
The use of this website and any of its forms requires the acceptance of the processing of user and form data in conformity with our privacy policy including the collection of access/usage data and the delivery of commercial communications by electronic means.

Read with attention our privacy policy to know how we use the information of the users and how to exercise the rights of access, rectification, erasure and objection.
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Spanish version prevails
In case this legal notice is translated into other languages, in the event of any conflict between the Spanish and other language versions, the Spanish version shall prevail.
Legislation and applicable Jurisdiction:
The present Legal Notice as well as the relations between ONEOCEAN PORT VELL and users, will be ruled by the Spanish in force regulation and any controversy will surrender to the Jurisdiction and Constitutionals of BARCELONA exempting consumers and users that will be applicable the courts of the consumer’s domicile.



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