On the 7th and 8th of July, all employees of OneOcean Port Vell took a self-protection and emergency safety course to test their responsiveness in emergency situations and subsequent necessary safety procedures.

The course objectives were to:

1. Analyze the capacity for organization and action during emergencies
2. Evaluate performance and self-protection during a fire
3. Test the self-protection systems already in place
4. Working in coordination with external aid, in this case, Barcelona Fire Brigade

The specific objectives of the simulation were to:

1. Become familiar with this type of activity
2. Become familiar with the procedures to follow in case of an emergency
3. Learn specific communication in case of emergency
4. Involve all staff for a common goal
5. Identify and improve weaknesses
6. Teach all staff the use of portable fire extinguishers ABC powder and CO
7. Understand communication protocols and joint response with external assistance

All OOPV employees did a great job in the simulation and are ready for action!




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