Crew Lounge


The Crew Lounge is an exclusive space for crew members to enjoy the creature comforts of home where they can relax and unwind or meet with friends.

The lounge is in a great position on the ground floor of The Gallery and has a terrace with wonderful city views. This is ideal for getting away from it all, chilling out on a sun lounger or hosting a BBQ. For busy crews, there is also the option of ordering a take-away meal from OneOcean Club.

Like the gym, the crew lounge will have plenty of special events to make everyone’s stay as enjoyable as possible.


As the central meeting point for crew inside the marina, this is the place to watch a film, plan a BBQ or discuss a pending ski weekend holiday. With our dedicated events and guest services team, the aim is to make your time the most enjoyable it can be. Whether you are looking for a tapas tour, Spanish class or a cultural experience, we are here to arrange the finer details for you.

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